pixel art!

here's my page where I'll store all current/past pixel work as well as the pixels I've made for pixel clubs!


dolls I've customized myself either from bases or from scratch!

avie base by vampirevalentine

pixel clubs!

kitty friends!

kitty friends is the first pixel club I joined. there are templates provided (click the button below to check out the actual info page!) but there's lots of room to branch out - for example, I made my first two kitties loaf instead of sit :)

my kitties!

collected kitties!

old assets

if you've been around since the very very beginning (aka pre-freaksaint) you might recall that my site used to be almost entirely composed of pixel art that I created. I was REALLY into the pixel/old web aesthetic at the time but felt nervous about using other people's pixels, so I told myself I'd just create my own. as you can imagine, it turned out to be way more effort than I wanted to put into a simple experiment and it wasn't until after that I discovered the goldmine that is public domain/fair use images. but I still have all my old assets and I'll share them here in case anyone wants to use them! you can credit me if you'd like but I'm not too bent up about it :P