howdy! welcome to this ol site i built here myself. this started as an experiment with coding but i've started to grow attached to the various pages i've built here so i'll probably just keep adding to this site for as long as it excites me! i really dislike what social media has become in the past 5 years or so and i've taken to old web joints like neocities as a way to cope – i spent most of my childhood online due to chronic shyness (among other things) and it's so cool to see the web being rebuilt as i remember it. i also LOVE the level of personalization that can occur when you're forced to learn an entirely new language like CSS/HTML. it's truly awesome seeing how people interpret, bend, and defy the rules given to them in a space like this. my ultimate goal is to have everything on my site – every gif, background, image, etc – made by me (for example: i made everything on this page! ((except for the blinkies on the right ofc))). i've been dabbling in pixel art so you'll see lots of that here!

some things i like:
- any form of music/media/fashion from the 1950s-70s
- collecting vintage things! (clothing/books/etc)
- old web (ofc)
- makin tunes on my laptop
- hiking, camping, meandering, what have you
- reading & collecting pdfs/epubs (i will eventually have a link somewhere to my google drive folder with my collection!)

name: harvey
age: 23
gender: male
location: tn, usa

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